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St. Brigid’s Day 01-02-2022

February 1, 2022

Today the 1st of February is St. Brigid’s Day. Saint Brigid is associated with the making, blessing and giving of Brigid’s crosses and the day marks the start of longer days.

St Brigid was very holy and she wanted to build a church where people could come and pray to God. She found the perfect place in County Kildare and went to the King of Leinster to ask him for land. The king was a very greedy man and didn’t want to give her any land. In the end he said she could have the amount of land that her cloak covered. When she laid her cloak on the ground it grew until she had acres to build her church upon.

Our four 6th classes made St. Brigid’s Day crosses from rushes and we brought them to mass to be blessed by Father Michael. 

Thanks to Ms O’ Doherty’s first class who did some lovely colouring pages for our display in reception. They did a fantastic job.