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September Assemblies

September 29, 2023

We had a busy day in St. Declan’s today when all classes from 1st to 6th came out to assembly.

New Pupils

In our 5th/6th class assembly we gave a special welcome to Charleigh from Mr Melia’s 6th class Room 25, Aleesha and Leyla from Ms McGee’s 6th class Room 24, Hugh and Sean from Mr Jenning’s 5th class Room 4 and Alin from Mr McKeown’s 5th class Room 3.

In our 3rd/4th class assembly we welcomed Cian from Mrs Brick’s 3rd class Room 9, Kate from Ms O’ Beirne’s 3rd class Room 10 and Conor from Ms O’ Halloran’s 3rd class Room 11.  

In our 1st/2nd class assembly we welcomed Denis from Ms McHugh’s 1st class Room 14, Demid from Ms Allen’s 1st class Room 15, Robert from Ms Donnelly’s 1st class Room 17 and Pamelia from Ms O’ Doherty’s 2nd class Room 16. We hope all pour new pupils will be very happy in St. Declan’s

We spoke about why we have assemblies………………

To share good news at our assemblies. 

 To praise children who have achieved different things.

To talk about different events happening in the school.

To chat about our school rules. Try and improve on some school rules

To give each class a turn to do a performance at assembly during the year

Awards for September

Pupil of the month Trophy 

Room 14- Joanna, Room 15-Rylie, Room 17-Chimmy, Room 16 Robyn, Room 18-Dylan, Room 19-Gabriel

Room 9- Khloe, Rom 10-George, Room 11-Chloe L, Room 20-Laura, Room 21-Ruby, Room 5- Kyle

Room 2- Charlie, Room 3-Miriam, Room 4-Grace, Room 7- Danny S, Room 8- Rishon, Room 24-Misha,

Room 25-Kenzo

Friendship Awards

Room 14- Harvey, Room 15-Conor, Room 17-Fiadh S, Room 16 Jacob, Room 18-Mara, Room 19-Heidi

Room 9- Harry, Rom 10-Sarah, Room 11-Catelaya, Room 20-Seán, Room 21-Zach, Room 5- Parsa

Room 2- Francis, Room 3-Liam, Room 4-Elijah, Room 7- Eva, Room 8- Sasha, Room 24-Alannah D,

Room 25- Emma M

Gaelgeoir na Miosa Awards

Room 14- Stephen, Room 15-Ryan, Room 17-Liam, Room 16 Sophie, Room 18-Cara, Room 19-Keira

Room 9- Jeremy, Rom 10-Maci, Room 11-Myles, Room 20-Savina, Room 21-Olivia, Room 5- Jamie

Room 2- Ciara C, Room 3-Erin, Room 4-Megan, Room 7- Danny C, Room 8- Daniels, Room 24-Millie,

Room 25-Solomon

Best behaviour on yard for the month of September went to Room 16, Room 21 and Room 7. They get extra yard time.

Best dressed class went to Room 17, Room 11 and Room 3. They get a night off homework.

Earlier this month Ms. O’Halloran’s third class visited the residents’ garden beside the school grounds in Bourne Avenue. They were met by Gerry, Mick and Gerry who take very good care of the garden and who kindly brought the children on a tour around the garden to show them what they had planted this year. The children were very excited to roll up their sleeves and start harvesting fruit and vegetables such as potatoes, onions and strawberries. There were smiles all round when the children got to bring home a variety of what they had picked. They also got some fabulous sunflowers. Thank you to members of the local Garden City & Crestwood Residents’ Association for the invitation to our pupils. They had a great time.

Congratulations to Ivy from Ms Geraghty’s 4th class who got her hair cut over the Summer as part of the Locks of Love for Laura Lynn Children’s Hospice. Ivy raised nearly two thousand euros and the hair she donated will be used to make wigs for children who have lost their hair through cancer treatments or other conditions. We are all very proud of Ivy and she looks very stylish with her new haircut. 


5th Class Room 2 and Room 3

Room 11-  Ning Nang Nong Poem

Room 16 – Best day of my life