Santa Claus is coming to town

There was great excitement in St. Declan’s today as we had a very special visitor from the North Pole. Santa heard how good all the boys and girls were from St. Declan’s so he came in for a very special visit. Each teacher got a report to say that they were on the nice list even Mr Reidy got one to say that everyone who worked in St. Declan’s had been so good all year that he was going to make sure they got something nice for Christmas. Have a look at the children meeting Santa.

Here are the teachers receiving their elf report and some goodies for their classes.
Room 26

Room 27

Room 28

Room 29

Room 12

Room 13

Room 14

Room 15

Room 16

Room 17

Room 18

Room 11

Room 19

Room 9

Room 21

Room 24

Room 25

Room 2

Room 3

Room 4

Room 5

Room 6

Room 7

Santa told Decky and Eddie that they had to hurry up to get back to the North Pole as he needed them to help finish making all the toys for the boys and girls.

Santa told Mrs Collier to keep an eye on Decky and Edie and to send them back to the North Pole on Friday

Then Santa said goodbye and thank you to Mr Reidy. He gave him the elf report about the staff. He told Mr Reidy to keep up the good work.

Santa said for all the boys and girls to be in bed early Christmas Eve and to leave out something nice for him and Rudolph. Thank you Santa.