Decky and Eddie

It was a busy day in St. Declan’s for Decky and Eddie. When Mr Melia’s third class came in this morning they found Decky and Eddie in their classroom. Decky was minding the plants and Eddie was doing some artwork.

Decky and Eddie knocked down all the coats outside Ms Curran’s fourth class.

When Mrs Collier came back to her office she found they had overturned the bin, Decky was on the lookout while Eddie was up to mischief.

When Ms O’Connor’s 6th class came in off yard they found Decky and Eddie had made a big mess with the paint.

They were both really surprised to see their old friend Santa who came to visit St. Declan’s today. They promised him they would try to be good for the remainder of their time here.

He kept Christian from Room 28 company when he was waiting in Joanne’s office for his Mam to collect him.