RSA visit Junior , Senior Infants and First Classes

Sarah from the RSA came to our school this week to talk to the Junior and Senior Infants and al the first classes about staying safe on the road. She gave the children the following safety tips.

Wear bright or reflective clothes to make it easier for motorists to see you.
It’s often hard for drivers to see people who are out walking or cycling. Wearing bright or reflective clothes makes it easier to be seen from greater distances and gives drivers more time to adjust their course. This can prevent serious accidents.
Stay bright, both day and night. Cyclists and pedestrians can stay safe in low-visibility situations by wearing bright or reflective clothing. Bad weather or darkness are especially important times to wear hi-vis clothing.
Walk on footpaths, not on the road
If there is no footpath, walk facing the traffic and as far to the right as possible.
Always follow the Safe Cross Code
1.Look for a safe place.
2.Don’t hurry – stop and wait.
3.Look all around and listen before you cross the road, remember.
4.Let all the traffic pass you.
5.Then walking straight across, you…
6.Keep watching, that’s the Safe Cross Code.