Room 9 visit the Garda Station

On Friday the 9th of October Ms O’ Connor’s third¬†class headed down to the Garda Station in Ashbourne for a tour.



We met Garda Ashling O’Connor who spoke to the children about different ways that she keeps the community safe. She showed us her uniform, and all the equipment she carries around with her.

We got to see the cells where they keep prisoners until they are brought to court.
Poor Maura nearly got arrested. We had to bail her out.
Then we saw the interview room where people are brought in for questioning.
We went into the office and heard some of the calls coming in on the radios.
Then we got our fingerprints taken.
We went outside to see some of the squad cars. We got to sit in the back of the Garda van. We thought it was great fun. We got a fright when the loud siren came on.

We promised Ashling we would be very good and hopefully we wont be visiting the Garda Station anytime soon.