Pancake Tuesday 24-02-2020

Tuesday the 24th of February is Pancake Tuesday. which is also known as Shrove Tuesday and falls forty-seven days before Easter.The word shrove comes from shrive, meaning to present oneself for confession, penance, and absolution.The day is always followed by Ash Wednesday, which is the beginning of Lent.The forty days od Lent represents the time that Jesus spent fasting in the desert.

Lots of classes got to have pancakes in their classrooms today. Have a look at Ms Mooney’s class. They are certainly celebrating it in style!!

Pancake Poem

Pancake, pancake, mix it up
Pour the batter in a cup
Cook it, fry it, flip it over
When it sticks to the ceiling
Prepare to take cover

Toss it, turn it, in the pan
Make sure it doesn’t hit the fan
Catch it and put it on a plate
Sprinkle with sugar
And it tastes great