Our trip to Trim Castle June 2015

First class Room 11 went to Trim Castle yesterday. We had a great day out. Karen, Valerie, Trish, Teresa and Ms Mc Enroy came with us. We walked two kilometres along the River Boyne to get to the castle. We were very hot and tired when we got there. We had some lunch outside the castle grounds. Then we went into the castle and met our tour guide. His name was David. He told us a fierce dragon lived in the dungeon and that if we made lots of noise we might wake him up. Needless to say we weren’t quiet!! He showed us the big room where the Lord and Lady did all their entertaining. We saw the church and David told us he believes that a ghost still lives there. We went up 88 steps to the top of the castle and the view from the top was amazing. We had to be very careful coming back down as the steps are very steep and narrow. We learnt that Trim Castle was built by Hugh De Lacy and it is the largest Anglo Norman castle in Europe. It was protected by a ditch, a curtain wall and a moat. Some of the scenes from the film Braveheart was shot on the castle grounds. After the tour we had great fun climbing and rolling down hills. Then we had some more lunch. We were so good Teacher got us an ice-cream cone. We had to walk back along the river to the cars. We were exhausted by the time we got back to school.