Multi Cultural Day 2015

Tuesday the 23rd of June was Multi-Cultural Day in St. Declan’s. We celebrated our Irish and international cultures in a day filled with fun events and experiences. In recent years we have embraced the new Ireland and the new Europe and taken on an international aspect to our school with the arrival of children from different countries. The variety of languages and cultures in our school provides a great opportunity to learn about different countries and cultures.
On the day our students showcased with immense pride their stands which were a colourful exhibition of their culture, language and history. Parents and students produced a delicious selection of international cuisine from all over the world. Children were given an opportunity to learn different phrases in other languages such as Lithuanian, Latvian, Russian, Romanian, Maltese, Yourba, Moldovan, Slovakian, Polish and Chinese, at our ‘Chatty Children’ Station. Children dressed up in beautiful traditional costumes. The children from Infants to fourth class were given the opportunity to take part in Irish Dancing lessons. Everybody thoroughly enjoyed the day. Have a look at some of the super work the children did to make the day a huge success. Well done boys and girls.