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On the Move

December 10, 2021

Decky and Eddie were very busy in St. Declan’s today. When Ms Delaney’s first class came in from yard they found Decky and Eddie in their classroom. The elves had thrown all the books on the ground. Luckily Ms Delaney wasn’t too cross!!

They heard some lovely singing in the hall and went out to investigate. Mrs Mc Cormack’s Senior Infants were practicing for their concert. Decky and Eddie thought they sounded great.

When Ms Leggett’s Senior Infants came in from big yard they got a big surprise to find the elves. They had tipped put the Lego. Such naughty elves! Ms Leggett also has an elf called Eddie.

In Ms Ryan’s first class they were playing hide and seek. But Ms Ryan’s children spotted the. Let’s hope they stay out of mischief for the weekend.