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October Assemblies 2022

October 29, 2022

We had our October assemblies this week. Well done to the following children who won awards.

1st and 2nd Class Pupil of the month award

Room 14- PJ, Room 15-Mia, Room 16-Mason, Room 17-Amelia R, Room 18-Amelia Room 19-Dan

1st and 2nd Class Friendship Awards

Room 14- Amanda, Room 15-Freya, Room 16-Jack, Room 17-Indie-Rae, Room 18-Isabella Room 19-Ciara

1st and 2nd Class Gaelgeoir na Miosa Award

Room 14- Lucas, Room 15-Gabriel, Room 16-Maci, Room 17-Joseph, Room 18-Harry Room 19-Alan M

3rd and 4th Class Pupil of the month award

Room 20-Jack, Room 21-Olivia, Room 11-Parsa, Room 5-Charlie Callaghan, Room 9-Maria, Room 10-Katie B

3rd and 4th Class Friendship Awards

Room 20-Rachel, Room 21-Logan, Room 11-Scott, Room 5-Leon, Room 9-Chloe G, Room 10-Lucija

3rd and 4th Class Gaelgeoir na Miosa Award

Room 20-Shane, Room 21-Faith, Room 11-Kyle, Room 5-Clodagh, Room 9-Brooke, Room 10-Cian

5th and 6th Class Pupil of the month award

Room 7-Josh W, Room 8-Harry, Room 24-Josh C, Room 25-Nicholas,

Room 2-Alannah, Room 3-Chris, Room 4-Aibhe

5th and 6th Class Friendship Awards

Room 7-Chloe, Room 8-Oliver, Room 24-Molly, Room 25-Emma,Room 2-Kaia, Room 3-Tori, Room 4-Michal

5th and 6th Class Gaelgeoir na Miosa Award

Room 7-Jessica, Room 8-Sasha, Room 24-Millie, Room 25-Solomon,Room 2-Ruby, Room 3-Anabel, Room 4-Zara

Best Behaviour on yard went to Rooms 16, 11 and 24

Best Dressed Class went to Room 17 and Room 7

Room 15 Ms O’ Doherty’s 2nd class performed the Ed Sheeran song Perfect through LAMH signs

Ms Leggett’s 4th class perfect a medley of pop songs

Ms Carey’s 6th Class read out the life story of Rudyard Kipling’s life that they had learnt in class and they read out the poem IF.