Ms O’Donnell Room 6 5th Class

Room 6 had a very exciting week.

Food Dudes:

We started Food Dudes on Tuesday the 16th of  October. Food Dudes is a healthy eating programme. We are participating in the programme for 8 days. We have to try to try to eat different fruit and vegetables every day. If we try both the fruit and the vegetables we get a prize.

So far our rewards have been a pencil case and a ruler. So far we’ve tried cucumber, mandarins, peppers, carrots, bananas, apples, and grapes. We’re looking forward to seeing what the next prizes are!

This week was Maths Week. On Wednesday the 17th of October all of the 5th classes went to D.I.T. for Murderous Maths. We got to play with Rubix Cubes and we did a Rubix race. There were quizzes and challenges and a colouring competition. There were also games to play on the computers. After that a man named Kjartan Poskitt spoke to us about Maths and showed us how to do some Maths tricks!

On Thursday the 18th of October we did a maths trail. We went to the staff car park and counted up cars and answered different questions. We had to do a big sum – 563 divided by 24! It was a really fun activity to do with our class on Maths Week. Thanks to Ms. McDermott for helping us on our trail.

On Friday the 19th of October we got to learn about a programme called Scratch. It was interesting. We learned how to make our animations move and we practised using code. It was lots of fun!



We have been doing swimming lessons for the past 6 weeks in Gym Plus. Sadly on Friday the 19th of October we had our last lesson, We had a lot of fun at our swimming lessons. The teachers there are really nice! Thank you to Mr. Kearins and Mr. Mc Keown who accompanied us to the swimming pool.