Literacy and Numeracy in Room 26

Literacy and Numeracy in Room 26 Senior Infants Ms Mc Dermott

During literacy and numeracy in our classrooms we like to keep it fun. We have been focusing on the number 8 the last few weeks and have incorporated this into our numeracy stations. Our four stations were pegboards to make the number eight, whiteboards to write out the story of 8, maths games on the ipads and gingerbread counting games in pairs.
In literacy we have been focusing on a different word family each week. ‘ap’ words have been our focus this week-cap, lap, gap, flap.
We also started including a word of the week in our conversations. This usually comes from a book we have been reading.
We read two brand new books this week ‘Rooster Wears Skinny Jeans’ and ‘After Fall’. Wednesday 5th February was World Read Aloud Day but we try our best to do some reading aloud every day.

Ms. McDermott Room 26 Senior Infants