Aistear in Room 26

Aistear in Room 26 Senior Infants Ms Mc Dermott

We were delighted to see the start of Spring arrive this week. We started our new topic in Aistear this week. We began with a great discussion on our pets and some people shared their stories of attending the vets. We listened to the story Paula the Vet by Julia Donaldson.

Aistear was extremely exciting this week. We had a junk art station, a construction station, socio-dramatic play area and playdough area. Junk Art was a great hit with the boys and girls. Jamie made an x-ray machine for the vet’s surgery and there was also plenty more brilliant creations. Eve had a fish with a broken heart that needed to go to the vet which she made in the playdough area. Mai and Ellissa set the scene of a massacre as the zoo animals and farm animals came up against each other-we needed more than the one vet to mend all the animals!

The writing/drawing area and the library area were our choice stations as always. The children can leave the station they are at to spend some time at these other areas. 

Looking forward to seeing what next week brings for the veterinary surgery in Room 26.

Ms. McDermott, Senior Infants, Room 26