Inspector Tuite Visits Junior Infants

Junior Infants had a very special visitor last week. Inspector Andrew Tuite called in to visit all the boys and girls in Room 26, 27 and 28.
Andrew explained to the children that An Garda Siochana means guardians of the peace, and that is essentially the role of the guard in the community- to keep people safe.
He showed them his stab vest, radio, torch, pepper spray, handcuffs, baton and notebook and explained what how and what they are used for.
The children learnt how the guards catch robbers- they were very interested in this part and all about the police car with the siren and flashing lights.
Andrew explained how and why the guards take fingerprints and how this helps them to catch criminals.
They got to hear about the helicopters used at night time which has special cameras that can detect people from the heat of their bodies.
The children also heard how important it is to wear their seat belts in the car and about the importance of staying safe when Mammy and Daddy are driving , as it is difficult to drive safely when there is lots of distractions in the car.
Then they had question and answer time with lots of very interesting questions for Andrew to answer. Who knows we might have some future male and female guards in the making !! Thank you Andrew for coming to visit us and explain all about your very important job.