Greetings from Fourth Class Ms. Mooney Room 20

Greetings from Fourth Class, Room 20.

We have all settled back into school life in Saint Declan’s and have been working very hard this term. 

This week we started to play Tag Rugby. Tag Rugby is a non- contact team sport. Each team  player wears a belt that has two velcro straps attached to it. Team players  must attempt to  pass a rugby ball to each other while the opposing team attempts to prevent them scoring by pulling the velcro strap off the person who is carrying the ball.Take a look at our teams playing against each other! It was lots of fun!

We are studying the writing genre called ‘Recount’ this month. A recount is a retelling of past events in chronological order. Did you know they can be written in the form of a diary, letter or newspaper? We wrote some letters describing particular events to our friends. We’re very proud of them!



We’re all looking forward to Maths Week next week. Bye for now! 🙂