Grandparents Day 30-01-2019

As part of Catholic Schools Week we celebrated Grandparents Day on the 30th of January. Our grandparents are a special gift in our lives.They watch over us as we grow and are often some of the most important teachers in our lives.  They have seen and experienced many changes in our world, both good and bad. Some classes in the school did some activities for Grandparents Day. Jubril and Zara from our Students Council spoke to all classes on the intercom about Grandparents and read out the following poem. 

My Grandparents are so special to me, They teach me about all I do and see.

They don’t mind answering my questions ‘Why?’ They pick me up and carry me high.

Grandparents take the time to teach, And let me see things above my reach.

They teach me things I need to know, So I can learn and I can grow.

They teach me all about the past, About our home and how time moves fast.

They teach me how to care and love, How we thank the Lord above.