GAA Coaching in St. Declan’s

GAA has a range of physical and developmental benefits for young children. Introducing youngsters to GAA can boost fine and gross motor skills. It’s fundamental to young children: skills learned by playing a game or taking part in team or solo sports have a positive impact on a child’s overall development, as well as in specific areas. Children can learn key values including teamwork, perseverance, improvisation, fair play, honesty, acting within a clearly defined set of rules and respect for themselves and others. It’s also the perfect platform through which to teach kids about dealing with success and failure, and the nature of fair competition.

We are very lucky in St. Declan’s to hve Martin and Maire from Donaghmore/Ashbourne Club coach our classes for GAA and Hurling. Our three Senior Infant classes and our three first classes are currently receiving coaching on a weekly basis and they love it. Who knows we might have some county footballers in the making ! Have a look at Mr Barry’s first class in action !!

Mr Barry Room 17 First Class