Graffiti Classics Workshop

Graffiti Classics are internationally renowned for their performances which are highly interactive, engaging and thoroughly thrilling In their performances.Irish musician Cathal Ó Dúill and his team of musicians visited St. Declan’s yesterday to share their well-honed, easy methods to make classical music universally  enjoyable for all ages. The children were encouraged to join in with singing, dancing, and making music. Getting involved is what it’s all about, with the children being given opportunities to conduct, get up close and even play the instruments. It was a very interactive and fun workshop. Using a mix of demonstration and practical activities, the quartet showed the teachers and children  how you think about music and inspire new approaches, ideas and confidence in the delivery of classroom music. Fun ideas were given to help teachers deliver on the three music curriculum strands: Listening and RespondingPerforming and Composing. This included content on the string family, musical terms, dynamics, time signatures, rhythm patterns, composers throughout history and their musical styles.Graffiti Classics are in high demand in top theatres, festivals and at prestigious venues across the globe, as well performing regularly on national TV and radio. Their performances are accessible in any language and are loved by all audiences, young and old. The group’s virtuosic playing of well-loved classics combined with its cheeky comedy and hilarious audience interaction ensure that audiences are left with a smile on their face and a tune in their heart! The quartet are based in London and all 4 players are internationally renowned. Thank you to the Board Of Management for covering the cost of the workshop.