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Graduation 2020

It was a very special night for St Declan’s last night as we bade farewell to 87 children who are flying the nest to start the next journey of their lives in seconday school. Due to the current restrictions we were unable to hold a physical farewell so we said goodbye and good luck via Zoom.

We were joined by the class teachers Ms Conway, Ms O’Donnell, Ms Downes, Ms Mc Hugh and the SET tecahers from 6th class Mr Mc Keown and Mr Farrell. Mr Reidy and Eileen Flannery also joined the celebrations.

It is a very special moment for all these children as they leave primary school and move onto the next stage in their lives. It is a time to remember and a time to look forward.  Most of them have been part of our school community for the past eight years and some joined us along the way. They came to us with many undiscovered gifts and talents. It was our responsibility to provide a secure happy learning environment, where the children were given every opportunity to learn and to be happy. We hope we did a good job at helping all our 6th class children reach their potential over the past eight years.

During their time with us they were nurtured by the love of their families, inspired by the guidance of their teachers and bound by the precious gifts of friendship. We hope that we have started them on a road that will help them lead a full, contented and happy lifestyle, ready to take on the many challenges and also the rich opportunities that will come their way.

Mary Kate, Leah, Conor and Joe read the prayers of the faithfu for us. Then Ben, Zara and Christina shared their memories of St. Declan’s with us. Katie sang Count On Me and did a fantastic job.

Attendance Award 2020

St Declan's NS Attendance Award

School attendance is crucial to success at school and we had  number of pupils from our 6th classes who have achieved a fantastic attendance record over the past 8 years in St. Declan’s. Katie, Sean, Christabel, Sadbh and Sarah received certificates for excellent attendance during their 8 years in St Declan’s. The overall winner for attendance over the eight years in St. Declan’s was Katie.. What an achievement Katie !!


The children were presented with medals and certificates at home while the class teachers read out their names.

Sportsperson of the Year

We had many worthy nominees of sportsperson of the year in 6th class this year. This award takes the past 8 years into account. It is awarded for participation, dedication, sportsmanship, team spirit, leadership skills and behaviour on and off the pitch. The nominees were………

Teejay, Cian, Zara, Dylan, Alex, Andreea, Michael, Daniel, Keela, Calum, Afric and Sean.

The overall winner was Zara. Well done Zara !!


Pupil of the Year Award 2020

This award was first presented in 1985. Thank you  to the Flannery family who sponsored the award and thank you  to Eileen Flannery who sent a video message for the children and their families. After much deliberation we chose 3 nominees from each class………       Seldi, Amy, Conor, Sadbh, Abigail, Lennon, Cillian, Egle, Christabel, Sarah, Marius and Ellen. The overall pupil of the year award went to Cillian. Huge congratuations Cillian !!

We had a very special message f good luck from Mr Reidy and Rory O’Connor. They wished the children the very best of luck in their lives ahead.

Liam sang Time of my Life by Greenday. He was super.

Thank you to all the teachers who were involved with these children through their school life. While Ms Conway, Ms O’Donnell, Ms Downes and Ms Mc Hugh taught these pupils over the past year or two and applied the finishing touches many others were involved along the way-  class teachers/ SET teachers/ SNA’s . We acknowledge their role in the education of these pupils.


We looked at a slideshow Mr Mc Keown had prepared showing photos of the children from Junior Infants to 6th class. It was very emotional especially for all the mammies !!

To all boys and girls good luck in the years ahead. If there’s one thing you can do for us it is that you represent us well. Remember that you will always be a St. Declan’s pupil and in many ways we will be judged on your achievements. As we stand proudly in the light of your achievements we hope that you continue to grow in mind and heart and in wisdom and compassion.