Green Schools

Garden City and Crestwood Residents Association

March 23, 2021

Garden City and Crestwood Residents Association are a voluntary group with a single objective to keep Garden City, Crestwood and the surrounding areas clean, tidy and a pleasant place to live in. They are currently redeveloping an area outside our school grounds.

They have erected a new pathway, a tigin and two insect houses. They are currently developing a vegetable patch around the tigin.

There is a cockerel called Declan who has a great view into our school and makes sure all the boys and girls are working hard.

A sundial has been placed off the path on the way down to Churchfields Housing Estate.  At the sundial is a memorial garden for people who have lost their lives during the pandemic.

On the way into the estate is a fairy tree and garden.

We brought Ms Mc Enroy’s 2nd class Room 16 out to see the work taking place during the week. We met Lorraine, PJ, Mick, Deirdre and Clare from the Residents Association. They showed us how they were planting potatoes in the ridges. They also plan to plant carrots, onions and lettuce.  We then went to look at the sundial and Lorraine explained how the sundial worked years ago.

We saw the plough that belonged to PJ’S father years ago and we saw the area that is planned for the wildlife garden.

On behalf of our school we would like to thank the Residents Association for their time and effort inputted into the project. It’s lovely to have these amenities on our doorstep and we are very appreciative.