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Friendship Awards

January 30, 2022

As part of our online assemblies on Friday we awarded Friendship Awards to the children as part of our Wellbeing Wednesdays. It was a hard decision for each teacher to pick one child for the award as all the children are working very hard at looking out for each other and being good friends. This month the awards went to Kai Gilshinan Room 14, Emma Bermingham Room 15, George Thomas Room 16, Anthony Devine Room 17, Lilymay Killian Room 18. Adam Moore-Lang Room 19, Danny Stanley Room 9, Lily Gore Room 10, Sarah Hawkins Room 11, Demi Wildman Room 20, Ava Mc Mahon Room 21, Lee Byrne Room 2, Sophie Johnson Room 3, Jude Duggan Room 4, Maja Silfierz Room 7, Kian Shields Room 8, Mia Carberry Room 24 and Dasiy Szpara Room 25. A huge well done to them all !!!

Fifth and Sixth Class Friendship Awards

First and Second Friendship Awards

Third and Fourth Class Friendship Awards