First Penance 07-03-2019

Congratulations to all the boys and girls from Room 16,18 and 11 who received the sacrament of First Penance in the church in Ashbourne lat night. They were all fantastic and we are very proud of them. Thank you to Ms O’Halloran, Ms Curran and Mr Mc Loughlin for preparing the children for the ceremony and Mrs O’Rourke for teaching the children the songs.

Father Ciaran spoke to the children about the importance of saying sorry when we do something wrong. We can all make mistakes and sometimes hurt other people. We all need to be forgiven and to be reconciled with God who loves us. When Zacchaeus met Jesus he told him that he had made some bad choices. Jesus didn’t turn his back on him or judge him, but he stretched out his hand and told Zacchaeus that God still loved him, and that he would forgive him. When we are sorry for the wrong things we have done, God is always ready to forgive us. God loves us too, and God will always love us, no matter what we do. God forgives us for the wrong things we have done. If we will tell God that we are sorry we will be forgiven.
Room 16 Ms O’Halloran

Room 18 Ms Curran

Room 11 Mr Mc Loughlin

The children decorated leaves for the tree.

They all decorated a picture of Zacchaeus.