First Confessions

Well done to all the boys and girls in Room 17,18 and 19 who made their First Confessions in the church in Ashbourne last night. 

First Penance is a celebration of the love and forgiveness of God.  Even if we sometimes forget God, God never forgets us. Even when we don’t show love towards others, God still loves us. Even when we make mistakes, when we sin, the Lord still wishes to welcome each of us back to the fullness of his love.

The children were learning about the story of Zacchaeus in their classrooms over the past few weeks. Zacchaeus had made some bad choices in his life and had become greedy stealing and cheating people out of money. Jesus was visiting and decided to go for tea with Zacchaeus. Zacchaeus told Jesus about the bad choices he had made. He knew that he had sinned. He told Jesus that he was sorry and Jesus stretched out his hand over Zacchaeus and told him that God loved him very much and that his sins were forgiven.

The children designed a leaf for our tree that we put up in the church.

They also decorated pictures of Zacchaeus which we put up on the pillars in the church.

Thank you to Mr Lydon, Ms Crowley and Ms Kelly who did a fantastic job at preeparing the children and to Mrs O’Rourke for teaching them the songs

Room 17 Mr Lydon

Room 18 Ms Kelly

Room 19 Ms Crowley