First Class Rm 11

We have been very busy since we came back to school in September. We are in a new prefab and our teacher is Mrs. Collier. We have settled in  really well and Teacher is very happy with us. This is what we think of first class.

Kate ; ” I think Maths is really easy. I like it a lot.”

Jake ; “I like staying at school until 3pm”.

Ella ; ” I  like Golden Time”.

Daniel ; “Mental Maths is good”.

Naia ; ” I got Star of the Week”.

Andrea ; ” I like my Teacher”.

Leah ; “We are learning joint up writing”.

Ellen ; “I like our PE days”.

Leonard ; “We are on a different yard”.

Keela ; “Our new classroom is cool”.

Sadbh ; “I miss our old Teacher Ms. Doran”.

Teejay ; “I love my new uniform”.

Fionn ; “I like Golden Time a lot”.

Alisha ; “I love colouring”.

Sammy ; “I like our Prefab”.

Seldi ; “I like playing with the ipads.”.

Amy ; “I love the way we get more homework”.

Blaine ; “We learn new words in first”.

Conor ; “I love my Aliveo book”.

Gabriele ; “I like our new seats”.

Aaron ; “I like doing Art”.

Christabel ; “I like all our books”.

Taylor ; “Our new yard is good”.

Julia ; “I like staying at school longer”.

Nathan ; “The books are awesome”.

Dylan ; “We have Golden Time every Friday”.

Liam ; “I like reading”.

We made brown bread at school. We used flour, porridge eggs, milk, natural, salt, bread soda and pumpkin seeds. Teacher brought it home and cooked it in her oven. The next day we made some blackberry jam. Ms Mc Enroy helped us to boil the fruit and when the blackberries were nice and soft we added sugar .Teacher poured it into little pots for us and then we let it cool. We put some jam on our brown bread. It was delicious!!!

IMG_3142 IMG_3143 IMG_3144 IMG_3146IMG_3153 IMG_3154 IMG_3155 IMG_3156

Teacher thinks we are a “GRAPE BUNCH OF CHILDREN.”