First and Second Class May Assembly

Welcome to our assembly to celebrate Mary’s month, the month of May. When the angel Gabriel came to Mary and asked her to be the mother of Jesus she said that she was happy to do what God wanted. She and Joseph cared for Jesus while he was growing up and helped him become the person that God wanted him to be. We have a May altar here at assembly  and some of you might have a May altar in your classroom or at home. 

Hail Mary Prayer

Ms Tobin’s class came up to read prayers to Mary.

Ms Doran’s class to brought up the flowers they made for the May altar and to placde them in the basket at the front of the altar. Flowers have no words but they can mean things like thank you, well done and get well soon. We give our flowers to Mary to say we love you and we honour you.


We wish all the children from Room 18,19 and 11 who will be making their First Holy Communion in the church on Saturday the 27th of May the very best of luck. This is a very special sacrament to be receiving and we hope you all have a lovely day celebrating it with your family and friends.

Pupil of the month
Room 15- Darragh D
Room 16-Anthony
Room 17-Ruby
Room 18-Rob
Room 19=-Kaitlyn
Room 11-Andreea

Best Line Award- Room 16
Best Dressed Class- Room 19
Best Behaviour on yard- Room 11
Best Attendance 1st Class Room 17, 2nd Class Room 18.

Ms Conway’s class came up to sing a song for us.

End Prayer
Loving God,
We thank you for the example of Mary, whom you chose from among all women to be the mother of your son. May she watch over us in our lives as she watched over and cared for Jesus. Help us to always have the courage to say yes to what you ask of us just as she did. We make this prayer through Christ our Lord. Amen