Dec’s Got Talent The Final 2019

There was an atmosphere of anticipation and excitement in the air on Friday in St. Declan’s as all classes second to sixth gathered in the PE hall for the final of Dec’s Got Talent.Back stage the acts waited nervously to be called on stage to perform. Mr Mc Keown went the extra mile and looked extremely smart for a change in his waiscoat and dickie-bow. The crowd waited patiently for the announcement of who the judges were going to be.

The Judges

Ms Molloy and Mr Barry- Swit Swoo Mr Barry

Mr Kearins and Ms Lydon

Act 1 Dance Diva’s

First up was Hollie, Alannah and Grace from Mr Lydon’s 6th class. The girls performed a hip hop routine and wowed the crowds with their moves.

The Judges Comments

Ms Molloy thought the girls were fantastic. Mr Barry said they were the best act so far !!. Ms Lydon said she didn’t like it SHE LOVED IT and Mr Kearins really liked the song and thought they worked the stage well. Well done girls1!

Act 2 Ethan and Patrick

Next up was Ethan and his best friend Patrick the parrot from Ms Curran’s 2nd class.

The Judges Comments

Ms Lydon loved the comedy element of the act. He blew her mind and she thought he was just fabulous. Mr Kearins said if he could give Ethan one piece of advice it would be to sack his sound technician Ms Curran and to pick a new team of backstage helpers going forward. Mr Barry thought Ethan was excellent and he was convinced that his impersonatition of Ed Sheerin was actually Ms King! Ms Molloy was thoroughly entertained by the entire act. Super job Ethan !!

Act 3 The 3 Amigo’s

Molly, Ava and Hannah took to the stage next to perform some modern dancing to Girl’s Rule The World song. They are from Ms Jenkinson’s 4th class.

The Judges Comments

Mr Barry advised them to work on their synchronisation but then again we saw Mr Barry’s moves on the dance floor at the staff Christmas party and he wouldn’t hold a candle to these lovely ladies. Ms Molloy said it was her favourite act so far. Mr Kearins said it was a great routine and he could see the amount of work they put in preparing for it. Ms Lydon loved the song choice and totally agreed that girls rule the world.GO GIRLS

Act 4 Sophie and the cup song

Sophie performed for us next with an unaccompanied version of the cup song.

The Judges Comments

Mr Barry thought Sophe was great to be able to perform to such a large audience. He was very impressed she could do two things simultaenously. Ms Lydon thought she was wonderful. Ms Kearins thought she had a beautiful voice and she was very brave to sing exposed with no backing track. He also said that he had never seen Mr Barry doing two things at once !! Ms Molloy echoed the praise if her fellow judges.                               Good girl Sophie !!

Act 5 Jubril

Jubril from Ms O’Donnell’s 5th class blew us away with his breakdancing routine.

The Judges Comments

Ms Molloy thought Jubril had super moves. Mr Barry really enjoyed the performance. Mr Mc Keown asked him if he would like to come up on stage to learn some new moves but he declined the offer. Mr Kearins thought he had fantastic rhythm and he really engaged with the audience. Ms Lydon once again said she didnt like it SHE LOVED IT !! Awesome job Jubril !!

Act 6 Bernard

Next up on stage with his hurley stick was Mr Mc Keown’s wild card choice Bernard the voice Joyce from Ms Mc Hugh’s 5th class. Bernard performed The Two Johnnies song When I grow up I’m going to play county.

The Judges Comments

Mr Barry agreed that Mr Mc Keown chose wisely when he picked Bernard as his wild card. He thought Bernard could go a long way in the industry. Bernard certainly had an admirer in Ms Molloy as she is a staunch GAA fan. Mr Kearns commented on Bernard’s likeability factor and said he would go places. Ms Lydon reminded us us how good Mr Mc Keown is at spotting talent……..sure didn’t he spot Ms O’Malley in the corridors of St. Declan’s many years ago. He definitely has an eye for talent. Way to go Bernard!

Act 7 Liam

Up next was Liam from Ms Mc Hugh’s 5th class. Liam entertained us with a Kodaline song while playing the guitar. With his fantastic singing and excellent strumming he captivated us.

The Judges Comments

Ms Molloy said he looked like a pop star and he sounded like a pop star. She was very impressed. Mr Barry thought he could certainly replace Mr Mc Keown in his band as he felt Liam’s standard of guitar playing was much higher than Mr Mc Keown’s. Ms Lydon said she was singing along and she loved the song. Mr Kearins loved his beautiful smile and commended him on being so modest. He offered him a job in St. Declan’s in years to come

Act 8 Arian

Arian from Room 9 Ms O’Malley’s class wowed us with a classical music piece “Fur Elise KK” on the keyboard.You could hear a pin drop as Arian played for us. The audience were just entranced. Mr Mc Keown thought he would give Mrs O’Rourke a run for her money.

You could hear a pin drop as Arian plaed a beautiful piece of classical music for us. The audience were just entranced. Mr Mc Keown thought he wouold give Mrs O’Rourke a run for her money.

The Judges Comments

Mr Barry thought it was an unbelievable performance. Ms Molloy said she would liove to listen to him all day. Mr Kearins couldn’t believe how quiet the audience was and thought he was a true inspiration. Ms Lydon loved how the audience were playing the piano with him and that he played from memory with no sheet music. She christened him Twinkle Fingers.

Act 9 Vaela

The next performance from Vaela in Mr Mulroe’s 4th class blew us all away with her amazing voice. She got a standing ovation from Ms Molloy and Ms Lydon they were so impressed.

The Judges Comments

Ms Molloy was stuck for words. She thought Vaela had an amazing voice. Mr Barry was mesmerized and just said WOW ! Mr Kearins thought she had a beautiful voice and commended her on her confidence to be able to stand on stage in front of such a large audience and sing unaccompanied. Ms Lydon thought her voice was beautiful and gave her 10 out of 10.

Act 10 Alannah

Alannah from Ms O’Halloran’s Rooom 16 took to the stage next and performed a fantastic gymnastics routine.

The Judges Comments

Mr Barry was blown way by her flexibility. Ms Molloy couldn’t believe she was only eight years old. Mr Kearins explained to the audience how importance practice is and how things can be achieved through sheer determination and hard work. Ms Lydon agreed with the fellow judges. Super performance Alannah !

Shauna and Emma

And our final act was Emma and Shauna from Mr Lydon’s 6th class to perform a gymnastics. Mr Mc Keown warned the audience that this should NOT be tried at home under any circumstances.

The Judges Comments

Mr Kearins loved the way the girls worked together as a  team and thought their performance was very risky. Ms Molloy loved the trust the girls displayed in their act. Mr Barry said they should be very proud of themselves. Ms Lydon thought it was lovely to have 2 girls from 6rh class closing the show. Well done Emma and Shauna !!

All eleven acts were called back up on stage as the teachers voted for their favourite acts. Mr Kerins thanked all the children involved in the talent show and said they should all be so proud of themselves. He complimented Mr Mc Keown and Mr Barry on how well they looked dressed up. He suggested that there should be a new uniform for the teachers for the next academic year. He commented on how good the audience was throughout the entire show and he wished all the contestants good luck with the results but they were all winners in his eyes.

DRUM ROLL PLEASE …………………………….

And the winner of the Upcomimg Act 2019 was Ethan and Patrick

And the winner of Dec’s Got Talent 2019 was Vaela

What a show !! The final thank you goes to Ms O’Halloran and Mr Farrell for organising the show and to Mr Mc keown for being such a fabulous host. Also thank you to Ms Quinlan and Ms Mc Dermott for helping the children with their promotion videos and with the sound throughout the show.