We had a very special day in St. Declan’s today as we launched our new library……. Declan’s Reading Den. We had a very special guest………….. Mr Frank Reidy to whom the library is ofically dedicated. His wife Gabrielle also came and Mary from the library to see our new library facilities. Mairead Rogers one of our retired teachers who used to be the libraray co-ordinator in our school was also present. Mr Mc Keown was very busy over the past two months co-ordinbating the event. Have a look at some of his work.


Our library rules……………….

Over the past two days all classes have been brought down to the library to have a story read to them. Gabrielle Reidy read to the Junior Infants. Ms Lydon read to the Senior Infants. Mrs Collier read to the first classes.Ms Mc Dermott read to the second classes. Mr Kearins read to the third classes. Mr Mc Keown read to the fourth classes. Mrs Mc Cormack read to the fifh classes and Mr Reidy read to the sixth claesses.

Thank you  to Allan and Emer Gallagher who made a lovely sign for the door.

Thank you to Catherine Fox who made a beautiful cake for the occasion.

Thank you to our caretaker Tommy who painted the library and helped to assemble the furniture and shelves.

Thank you to our SNA’s Ellen, Theresa, Lila and Maura who helped scan the books , put stickers on all the books and make individual library cards for the children.

Thank you to the members of the PA who helped out scanning and labelling. In particular Ciara Nolan, Aishling Jones, Ann Marie King and Valerie Tannam. Also thank you to all parents who offered to help.

We have now selected 9 pupils as the Pupil Library Team – they are Tara, Ciar√°n, Sofia, Tom, Mila, Matthew, Richard, Cian and Alex. Our Pupil librarians are going to help promote reading in the school and to assist Mr. McKeown in running the library. They made a special video for everyone to enjoy during the presentation today.It was really good. They even managed to interview Mr Mc Keown.

We gathered all classes from first to sixth into the hall today. We were joined by all the teachers. Noel Curtin, Frank and Gabrielle Reidy, Mairead Rogers, Mary from the library in Asshbourne and a number of parents from the PA. It was very exciting to finally be at the end of our journey.

Mr Kearins thanked all who were involved and then Mr Reidy spoke to everyone and wished us all the best for our new library.

We went down to the library to cut the ribbon and to unveil the plaque in honour of Mr Reidy.

We all enjoyed a tour around the library.

Then we enjoyed some of Catherine’s cake up in the staff room.

All classes will be given a timetable after the mid-term break and will have an oppurtunity to visit the library and take books home.