We were busy in St. Declans’s yesterday recording our Christmas CD. Each class stream sang a Christmas song. which is going to be produced and sold before Christmas. A big big thank you to Mr Mc Keown and Mrs O’Rourke for co-ordinating the CD and to Mrs O’Rourke’s husband Colm who came in to record the CD. Even the staff were involved with a very specilal edition of Fairytale in New York.We have some very talented teachers in St. Declan’s with Mr Mc Keown on guitar, Mrs O’Rourke on keyboard, Ms Kelly and Mr Kearins on flute, Ms Lydon on accordian and Ms Crowley on trumpet. Our solo singers were Mr Kearins and Mr Mc Keown and for the ladies it was Mrs O’Rourke, Ms King and Ms Brogan. The ladies were obviously FAR BETTER !!! More details to follow about how to purchase the CD when it is produced.