Cyberbullying Talk

We had Karl from Zeeko in to talk to our three 4th classes and three 5th classes on Monday. He spoke to the children about staying safe on line. On Monday night Karl spoke to the parents about useful tips on how to monitor children’s use of the internet. The children were given the following useful tips…..
Make sure you use the privacy settings.
• Always respect others – be careful what you say online.
• Be careful what pictures or videos you upload. Once a picture is shared online it cannot be taken back.
• Only add people you know and trust to friends/followers lists online. When talking to strangers, keep your personal information safe and location hidden.
• Treat your password like your toothbrush – keep it to yourself and change it regularly.
• Block the bully – learn how to block or report someone who is behaving badly.
• Do not retaliate or reply to offending e-mails, text messages or online conversations.
• Save the evidence. Always keep a copy of offending e-mails, text messages or a screen grab of online conversations and pass to a parent, a carer or a teacher.
• Make sure you tell an adult you trust, for example, a parent, a carer, a teacher.
Thank you to the PA who covered the cost of the workshops and parent’s talk. It was very educational and beneficial.