Climate Change Workshop

“This year, The Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport has asked Green-Schools to support schools who have achieved their Green Flag for Travel by offering FREE travel workshops nationwide. Green-Schools were therefore, delighted to offer St Declan’s National School the chance to sign up for the following workshops – Climate Change for the Senior Classes on Friday 11th May and Scooting Training for the Junior Classes during National Walk to School Week in May.
Today Green-Schools Travel Officer Susan Doorley met with the senior classes in the GPA and discussed aspects of Climate Change – Causes, Effects, Energy consumption in Ireland, Global Warming, Human Enhanced Green-House Effect, Carbon Dioxide and solutions.
Susan was delighted to hear how much the children already knew about Climate Change as they were well able to answer her questions and ask plenty of their own!
Each group participated in the Thermal Blanket activity where one pupil held the Globe and other pupils demonstrated the thickening blankets of Green Houses around the Earth by standing in concentric circles around the globe. The remaining pupils had to come up with solutions as to how to remove the “blankets” or extra layers of Co2 gas which they all knew was to walk to school, cycle, scoot, bus and park’n’stride on their school journey! A simple but effective visualization of Global Warming!
The school will celebrate the 10th Anniversary of National Walk to School week especially NWOW day on Wednesday 16th May by encouraging as many children to walk to school on the day! Keep an eye out for those WOW glasses!! “