Active Schools 2017

Active schools week is taking place from Monday the 12th to Friday 16th of June 2017. Many active events are organised for the week.

Children should be getting AT LEAST 60 minutes of physical activity EVERYDAY. By being active at break times and walking/cycling to and from school many children have this nearly covered. We must keep doing our best to make sure we get some physical activity in our day whether it’s helping out with chores, playing sports, dancing or just walking from place to place!
The children are encouraged to do active homework for the week. Each class designed an active notice board. Last year Active Schools took place from the 13th-17th June 2016. Every morning over the intercom an exercise is called out by the Active Schools committee for each class to participate in. Every day each teacher does 5 minutes of exercises with their classes before they return to their classrooms either in the morning, at break or at lunch. The children have music to dance to at lunchtimes and sports day takes place too. The children are encouraged to Drop Everything And Run.

Different events were organized daily for the classes.