6th Class Visit Carlingford

“On Monday 8th June 2015, the 6th class children went on their school tour to Carlingford Adventure Centre.
It was an early start to our day. We arrived at the centre on time and once we were there we were separated into two groups for the day. Group 1, Ms Coote and Ms. Quinlan’s classes, went to the Skypark while group 2, Mr. Farrell’s class, went to do water activities.
We had to walk to Skypark, but it wasn’t too far. Firstly, we learned how to lock and unlock the chains to different coloured locks so we would be safe. Once we had practised this for a while, we finally got to do the Skywalk. Ms. Coote and Ms. Quinlan joined in on the fun too.
It wasn’t long before it was time to move on. We were treated to a delicious lunch in the centre.
After our lunch it was our turn to do the water activities. When we reached the water we had to put on wetsuits. They were difficult to put on but we managed. Everyone enjoyed the kayaking and pier jumping very much.
Our day was coming to an end so we got back on the bus and headed home.
It really was the best way to sum up our final chapter here in St. Declan’s.”
by Niamh Linnane, Ms. Coote’s class

“Like always, one of my favourite parts of the school tour was the bus, but, that’s not what the trip to Carlingford was all about. I never thought I would fall out of a kayak 5 times in the space of an hour, but it was one of the best things I’ve ever done on a school trip.
I may have been scared out of my mind walking on the tightrope but laughed and had fun all the same.
I couldn’t have asked St. Declan’s for a better last school trip. Carlingford was a great place go and I enjoyed it so much!” by Soraya Pirbazari, Ms Quinlan’s class

“It was an emotional day as it was our last school tour, but it was the best one ever. We started arriving at the school at 7:30 and everyone was tingling with excitement. We got on the bus and the journey felt like it took 5 hours even though it only took over an hour.
When we finally arrived we put on our wet gear and carried our boats to where we needed to start. It was really hard to walk as it was really muddy and our feet got stuck. We had to pull really to free them, it made us laugh a lot.
In the kayak, we made it out to the deeper water, played a few games and played in the water until it was time to go back for lunch. We got chips chicken and beans. It was delicious.
After that we did some land activities. We did zip-lining, wall climbing and much more. It was amazing.
After that, unfortunately our school tour ended and once again we got on the bus and made our journey home. I will never forget my school tour in Carlingford!”
by Aaron McGuirk, Mr Farrell’s class.