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6th Class Last Day in St. Declan’s 29-06-2021

June 30, 2021

Our three 6th classes had a very special last day in St. Declan’s packed with fun and great memories. Mr Mc Keown set up his Magic Mirror for the children to take photographs at. They used lots of funny props and got some very comical poses were captured. Mr Mc Keown printed off the photos for the children. Alison Byrne (Mum to Aaron Byrne Room 25 and Shane Byrne Room 140 made a beautiful graduation for the children. All their names were decorated on the cake. Thank you Alison for the fabulous cake. It certainly went down a treat. The children loved it.

Room 2 Ms O’Halloran’s 6th Class

Room 3 Mr Ryan’s 6th Class

Room 4 Ms Jenkinson’s 6th Class

After big break the whole school came out to make a Guard of Honour for the three sixth classes to walk through. They did a whole lap of the school to the music Simply The Best. The boys and girls wish them all the best for secondary school next year.

After the Guard of Honour JJ came with his ice-cream van and treated all the children to an ice-cream day. It was a lovely treat on such a hot day.

Good luck boys and girls. We will miss each and every one of you!!