40th Anniversary Poster Competition

To mark the occasion of our 40th anniversary we asked all classes from 1st to 6th to design a poster. The children were very enthusiastic and came up with some wonderful creative work. We had twelve winning entries. Ms Aken from Ashbourne Community School came up to judge the posters. She was very impressed with the high standard of work and found it extremely difficult to make the final decision All children who participated were awarded with a certificate.The overall winners were
1. Nicola Room 14 1st Class

Gabriel Room 16 1st Class

Maja Room 17 2nd Class

Bob Room 11 2nd Class

Grace Room 9 3rd Class

Victora Room 25 4th Class

Christabel Room 20 4th Class

Alisha Room 25 4th Class

Kelvin Room 2 5th Class

Keeva Room 3 5th Class

Callum Room 7 6th Class

Scott Room 5 6th Class

The children’s work will be displayed in frames in our foyer for the coming year. This really is a special achievement so well done to all.