Useful Websites

Here are some useful links to help parents while the school are closed.
maths activities 
phonics and reading
Teach your monster to read (app) – 
reading and phonics
active dancing and meditation activities
Joe wicks (body coach)-
Work outs for kids 
RTE 10 @ 10 –
Physical activities for kids (10mins long)
Cúla4 online –
Irish learning games/ videos 
Brainchild (Netflix) –
Scientific learning episodes 
Rte News Today –
kids news episodes online 
KidsBop (Spotify/ youtube)-
Modern music with words changed to be appropriate for children
Classroom stopwatch timers-
Animated timers motivating children to complete their work at home in good time 
Wildcrats (Netflix)-
Educational science cartoon episodes 
Blue planet (netflix)-
Educational nature learning episodes 
Printable worksheets/powerpoints/ visuals on all subject areas. Usually costs 65 euro subscription. Now made free to parents given the circumstances!!!
Project work (researching skills) –
using computer/ non-fiction fact books to research a topic of choice ( such as my hero, a country etc.)
Read and write book reviews.
Free writing-
Notepad or a copy to write creative stories of choice
Illustrate – a scene from a story or movie 
Junk art- cardboard, yogurt cartons, toilet tubes, scrap paper etc to make art creations