Third Class Trip to Dalgan Park

Our three third classes went to Dalgan Park and the Hill of Tara on Monday the 8th and Tuesday the 9th of April. Ger Clarke met them there and took them on a tour of the woodlands. They got to see lots of different species of trees and flowers. He spoke to the children about the importance to children of trees and forests in their everyday lives. He reminded them of the importance of respecting, renewing, recycling, replanting, repairing and rejoicing in the many resources made from trees.They got a tour in the church in Dalgan and also the cemetery. They went to Tara after Dalgan for a run up and down the hills and for a picnic. Thank yo to Ms Coote for organising it and to Ms O’Malley, Mr Melia, Mr Ryan, Ms Mc Dermott and Maura for going with the children.