Third and Fourth Class September Assembly

Opening Prayer                                                                                               

Dear Father                                                                                                     

Give me the strength of mind and a caring heart.                                         

And the will power it takes to make a brand new start.

Mr Kearins                                                                                      

I want to welcome Ms Garvey who is currently teaching M O’Malley’s class, Mr Ryan, Mr Melia, Ms Mooney, Mr Mulroe  and Ms Jenkinson here today with all the children from 3rd  and 4th  class . A very special welcome goes to Amy Hickey, 4th class Room 5 who joined our school in September and welcome back to Suzanna Rios 4th class, Ms Jenkinson We hope you will be very happy here in St. Declan’s.

At Assembly we ……………………….

We share good news at our assemblies.

 Praise children who have achieved different things.

Talk about different events happening in the school.

Chat about our school rules. Try and improve on some school rules.

Each class will get a turn to do a performance at assembly during the year

I ask you all to be on your best behaviour at assembly. Walk down quietly in the line on your way to the hall. Sit quietly and listen when other people are speaking at assembly. When assembly is over wait for your teacher before you leave the hall.

Pupil of the Month Medal                                                                            

Every month at assembly we will be awarding one child from each class with a medal. This medal could be awarded for                                             

Good behaviour                                                                                           

Being kind to others                                                                             

Playing nicely on the yard                                                                   

Listening carefully to teacher                                                                   

Doing excellent work in class                                                                   

Trying very hard at homework


Every month four children from each class will be picked as nominees by their teacher and one person will be awarded with the medal. The medal is kept at school and will be collected again the day before the next assembly. I’m really looking forward to see who will be the winners next month. I know you are all working hard already.

Best Uniform Prize                                                                                    

This is a prize for the class who are always wearing their PE tracksuits on PE days and their uniforms on uniform days. I will be checking to see that ties are worn on uniform days, and that you all look nice and neat as you are representing St. Declan’s when you are in the uniform.  The class that wins the prize will get a night off homework to be decided on by your class teacher.

Best Line On Yard Prize                                                                              

This is a prize for the class who makes a huge effort to get into their line quickly and quietly when the bell rings after break times. You must stay in the line without messing until your class teacher comes to collect you. I will be walking around the yards every day and taking notes of the classes that are trying really hard. The prize for winning this award is an extra ten minutes after big day on a day chosen by your class teacher.

Best behaviour on yard prize                                                               

This prize goes to the class that behave the best on yard. Your class can win this prize by being kind to others, helping each other, playing nicely together, and being good friends. The teachers on yard will report back to me any good behaviour and it will be rewarded. Your teacher will decide what the prize will be.


I want to talk today about doors. Most doors we pass through are familiar to us- our classroom door, our front door at home, our bedroom door…..we know what to expect when we walk through it.  However in our lives there are often other doors that we experience. These are often called door of opportunities. For example at the start of a new school year when you get to know a new teacher. It may be that you get the chance to try a new sport, skill or activity. It may be that you get the opportunity to meet and make new friends. Each new opportunity we are given is like a door. We can choose to keep the door shut and not to walk through it. We can choose not to take the opportunity given to us. Or we can say yes to opening a door and walking through it, to experience new things. Sometimes what we find on the other side may be difficult and we may decide we don’t like it, but at least you will have tried. This coming school year will be full of new opportunities, as it is for me as it’s my first year in St. Declan’s as your new school principal and I’m really forward to it.  Let us all embrace the new opportunities that come our way and try different things. Trying new things takes courage, you have to be brave enough to step forward and give it a go, even when you aren’t certain what the outcome will be. I want to wish you all the very best for the coming school year.                                                                            

Full attendance awards 2017-2018

I want to congratulate the following children who had full attendance last year. This is a fantastic achievement and you should all be very proud of yourselves. These children were all in school for 183 days in total last year. 

Room 9- Sean Ryan and Sean Whelan

Room 19- Cian O’Neill

Room 21 –Matthew Cowley and Eric Byrne

Room 7 – Daniel mc Mahon

Room 5 – Emma Nulty Finnerty

Room 20 – Conor Mc Cabe, Kady Mc Hugh, Toke Alicia Jones and Nathan Day Daly


Students Council 

Our new Students Council for 2018-2019 was elected recently Through our Student Council we hope to give our pupils a more active role in the organisation of our school and ensure they are listened to and respected for their ideas and concerns. It involves the students in many of the decisions that are made regarding the day-to-day running and management of St. Declan’s School.  Discussions in classes and at Council meetings help to develop social and learning skills in many areas including speaking and listening, problem solving, brainstorming and the decision-making process. The following children have been elected for our Students Council this year.

Room 20- Rachel Brogan, Nathan Day Daly

Room 21- Kaitlyn Newman, James Woodruffe,

Room 5- Lee Duffy, Ava Mc Gillivray

Room 24- Josh Burke Andrews, Aleksandra Strelcova

Room 25 – Bernard Joyce, Gabriele Pranckeviciute

Room 6- Zara Byrne, Jubril Alabi

Room 8 – Ben Condon, Amy Grennan

 Room 2 – Bartosz Wieczorek, Wicktoria Sadowska

Room 3- Kayleigh Culen, Hrvoje Milkovic

Room 4 – Philip Carragher, Alannah Kelly

Philip and Kayleigh spoke on behalf of the Students Council for a few minutes

  Mr Ryan’s third class Room 19 performed a song for us.

Dear God, Thank you for all the opportunities we have in this world.

Please help us to have the courage always to try new things.

And to take the opportunities that come our way .Amen.