Third and Fourth Class December Assembly

We had assembly on Monday the 21st of December. It was a Christmas assembly. We started off by singing the hymn Away in a Manger.



Mr Reidy spoke about the real meaning of Christmas and that Jesus is the greatest gift of all at Christmas . The Story of Christmas from the Gospel of St Luke was then read.

We then had Prayers of the Faithful.

The following children won the Pupil of the month Trophy
Alex from Room 3 Ms Tobin
Megan from Room 6 Mr Clarke
Sean from Room 7 Ms Kelly
Aoife Derwin from Room 9 Ms O’Connor
Mayyadah from Room 20 Ms Collins
Evan from Room 21 Ms Crehan




The best line award for the month went to Ms O’Connor’s class Room 9. They get an extra ten minutes on yard on a day of their choice.
The best dressed class went to Ms Tobin’s class Room 3. They get a night of homework. The best behaviour on yard award went to Room 20 Ms Collin’s class. Mr Reidy wished Jessica Byrne all the best as today is her last day in school.

Children From Ms Kelly’s class read out the following Christmas poem.
C – is for the Christ child born upon this day
H – is for the holly to make our mantle gay.
R – is for red ribbon to wrap the parcels tight
I – is for the icicles on the cold winter night.
S – is for dear Santa Please leave him a treat
T – is for the turkey that is so good to eat.
M – is for the manger where Baby Jesus lay,
A – is for the angels on that first Christmas Day.
S – is for the stockings hanging in a row with candy canes out of the top
Mr Reidy wished everyone a very Happy Christmas from everyone in St. Declan’s. We finished assembly by singing the hymn Silent Night.