Third and Fourth Class Assembly 26-10-17

Today we had our October assembly for third and fourth classes.

Mr Reidy welcomed everyone and read the following prayer with the children.
Remember those, Who kept the faith, Who always turned to pray Who showed the love of Jesus , In their lives from day to day. Remember those, this special time, who live with God above, All Saints, All Souls, And all our own, who live with God in love.

Mr Reidy
As we light our candle today we remember family and friends who have died. All Souls Day is celebrated on the 2nd of November in the church. It is a tradition of honouring and respecting the memory of the faithful departed. You all spoke with your teachers during the week about people in your family that has gone to heaven or who may be very sick, and also people that are special and important to you . You all got a leaf to write down the names of people that you want to pray for during assembly today. Can you hold up your leaf and we are going to pray in silence for all the people mentioned.

Prayers of the faithful- Room 25 Ms Curran

We pray for all those who have died, especially those whom we have known and loved. We pray they enjoy perfect happiness and total fulfilment in eternal life. Lord hear us.
We pray for our families. May our love for each other support us during good times and bad times. Our family should always be a very important part of our lives. Lord Hear Us.

We pray for the sick and for those who care for them at home and in hospital. May they know the strength of God is always with them. Lord Hear Us
We pray all those in our country who was affected by hurricane Ophelia. We thank God for keeping us safe and protecting us from harm. Lord Hear Us.
Facts about Halloween
Halloween is celebrated on October 31st. Halloween has also been called All Hallows Eve, Witches Night, Snap-Apple Night, Samhain and Summer’s End. Halloween is been associated with the Celtic festival of Samhain or “Summer’s End.”During medieval times in Ireland and Scotland, the Samhain festival was held at sunset on October 31st and lasted through daylight on November 1st. It marked the ending of the harvest season and the beginning of winter or the “dark season.” Some people believed that during Samhain, a door was opened from the underworld and it let the spirits or ghosts into our world. During Samhain people would put out food and drinks in front of their homes for the spirits and ghosts. During Samhain people would dress up in costumes to disguise themselves from the dead. They would often go from house to et food and drink. Trick-or treating became popular in the in the 1930’s. The first Jack O’ Lanterns were made out of turnips.The largest pumpkin on record weighed 2,032 pounds. The record was set in 2013The largest Halloween parade is held every Halloween in Greenwich Village located in Manhattan, New York Pumpkins were originally grown in Mexico. Pumpkins are not only orange, but can grow to be blue, white and green. Black and orange are the colours of Halloween. It is believed that the orange colour represents harvest and the Fall season. The black colour represents death and darkness.
Student of the month trophy
Room 19- Clara
Room 9-Alexandra
Room 21-Rachel
Room 20-Cillian
Room 24-Egle
Room 25-Alisha

Best Line Award- Room 21 gets ten minutes extra on yard.
Best dressed Class Room 9- gets a nnight off hoomework.
Best behaviour on yard award- Room 19 – prize to be decided by teacher Best Attendance Award- gets extra golden time. Prize for third class is Room 19 Ms Jenkinson and the prize fourth class is Room 20 Ms King. Performance Ms Jenkinson Room 19 – Twinkle Twinkle on tin whistle.

Mr Reidy – I want to wish everyone a safe and enjoyable Halloween break. We have no school all of next week and we return to school on Monday the 6th of November.
Eternal rest grant unto them O Lord And may perpetual light shine upon them. May they rest in peace. Amen.