The latest news with Decky the elf

Decky left a note for Mr Reidy in the staff room to say that he was very happy with the behaviour of all the teachers in St. Declan’s and that they were all on the nice list.

He was really happy this morning when Ellie from Mr Mc Loughlin’s class gave him a Christmas card. Ah how cute!

During little break Decky ended up in Ms Tobin’s second class and was found swinging out of the hot air balloons.

Then Decky was found on the target board. Luckily Mrs Collier rescued him.

He then saw some elves hanging upon the wall and just had to get his picture taken with them.

After big break he got a bit peckish and was found in the staff room nibbling on some chocolate biscuit cake. He tried to pretend it wasn’t him but the chocolate smeared around his mouth was a dead give away !!

Mrs Collier said he could come to assembly tomorrow so he decided he would pose with one of the trophies…….I wonder who will win the student of the month award tomorrow ?? It certainly won’t be Decky that’s for sure after all his naughty behaviour.