The Austrian Connection


An interesting artefact   with  local connections dating back to the late 19th century was put  on display for the Senior Classes recently.  The framed handkerchief was originally the property of Elizabeth,  Empress of Austria  who spent six weeks in Ireland  in 1879. During her time here she hunted with the Ward Union Hunt. On an outing in the Ashbourne area, she  dropped the handkerchief . Local farmer Michael Kennedy found  it  on his land in Fleenstown and recognising its importance had it returned  to the Empress. Elizabeth, presumably  pleasantly surprised  with the courtesy  shown to her,  had the handkerchief framed and presented to the Kennedy Family.  It has been in the  possession of the Bobbett family in Fleenstown for many years. We are most grateful to the Bobbett Family for making this historical item available to us and to Charles Bobbett for taking the time to bring it into our school.DSCF0670 DSCF0671 DSCF0673