Strictly Come Dancing


We would like to wish Mr Clarke, Ms Jenkinson and Mr Farrell the very best of luck in Strictly Come Dancing which takes place this Saturday night the 25th of September in the GAA clubhouse.
Mr Clarke is finding the whole dancing experience tough but enjoyable. He reckons that when he started he had two left feet and now after all the practising he doesn’t know his left from his right…………….But that’s progress isn’t is Donal ??? He remains focused on winning the most coveted dancing prize of them all for his trophy cabinet. Lets hope his waltz will woo the crowd and earn him some votes with the judges.
Ms Jenkinson is no stranger to the dance floor after spending time dancing with Riverdance. Rumour has it she will be in full swing on stage. Lets hope she can rock the dance floor with her one, two, threes on Saturday night For those of you sitting in the front row beware of her high flying legs and if in doubt JUST DUCK !!
Mr Farrell has a reputation for being a tough man on the football pitch but latest rumours are that he shows his more sensitive side on the dance floor. He agreed to dance “Strictly for the craic” with his main purpose to provide some “eye candy” for the ladies…….Lets hope his hipnotising hip movements won’t drive the ladies TOO WILD on the night !!1
It’s a ten for Donal, a ten for Ciara and a ten for Ronan !!