St Declan’s Time Capsule

On Wednesday the 27th of September Bishop Michael came to Ashbourne to bless our time capsule. On Friday the 29th of September we brought all the classes outside to put in items of interest into the capsule.

A representative from each class came up to put something of interest into the capsule.
Room 26- Seren brought up a Jolly Phonics Sound Book

Room 27-Veronika brought up a copy and a pencil.

Room 28- Cian brought up a list of signatures and fingerprints.

Room 29-Eva brought up a fidget spinner.

Room 12-Katie brought up a packet of twistables.

Room 13-Emily brought up a football.

Room 14-Kyle brought up a clock which showed the time 3 o’clock.

Room 15-Conor brought up our school journal.

Room 16- Dearbhla brought up a photo album with pictures of our school and our community.

Room 17-Deivid brought up a First Communion booklet.

Room 18-Finn brought up a maths book.

Room 11-Crea brought up the bible.

Room 19-Sophie brought up a page of symbols of all the different types of sums taught in third class.

Room 9-Grace brought up some artwork the children drew for the capsule.

Room 2-Kristian brought up an English book.

Room 20-Kate brought up a folder of memories children had written about their time in St. Declan’s.

Room 24-Liam brought up pictures of the winning football and Hurling team for the All Ireland in September 2017.

Room 25-Julia brought up a St. Declan’s school jumper.

Room 2-Bartosz brought work fro 5th class who did projects on the top ten headlines from 2017.

Room 3-Jamie brought up an Irish book.

Room 4-Adam brought up a sliotar.

Room 5-James brought up the newspaper from 2017.

Room 6-Emma brought up the newspaper from 1977.

Room 7-Callum brought up a copy of the Holy Spirit for the Confirmation class 2017-2017.

Mr Reidy spoke about the significance of our time capsule which is going to be displayed in our reception hopefully to be opened in September 2057 We wonder how many members of staff, Parents or current students will be around to see that !!!