Sport Against Racism Workshops

For the past two days in St. Declan’s the children from 5th and 6th classes have been involved in sport against racism workshops. This was facilitated by the organisation Sport Against Racism Ireland

SARI is a non profit volunteer driven enterprise dedicated to using sport as a medium to promote social inclusion, cultural intergration, global development and resolving conflict. All 5th and 6th classes participated in workshops which addressed the above issues.

The children from Ms Conway’s 6th class had the following thigs to say about the workshop.

Q. What did you learn during the workshop ?


  • Do not exclude people
  • Try not to judge people by how they look or sound
  • Everyone is different and that’s ok
  • If you work as a team you succeed quicker
  • It’s ok not to agree with the gang
  • Everyone deserves respect
  • Think about what you say before you say it
  • Boys and girls should have the same opportunities