Today we had a very special delivery from the North Pole. Mr Reidy got a parcel in the post this morning from our postman Neil. When he opened it up what was inside only a Christmas elf called Decky. There was a letter inside from Santa which read…………………….

To all the boys and girls in St Declan’s.

This is a special letter to let you know that an important member of my North Pole SAS Team (that’s Santa’s Annual Surveillance Team ) has been delivered to Mr Reidy, St Declan’s NS Ashbourne.

Please allow me to introduce one of my very special elves Decky the Elf. He is one of my oldest and most trusted Christmas elves, and I hope you will all take very good care of him. Decky lives in the North Pole with myself, Mrs Claus and all the other elves and the reindeers. This is his first time to be away from home so please look after him for me. Decky will stay in your school until the day of your Christmas holidays. Then he has to come home to the North Pole to hand in an elf report which will tell me how good all the boys and girls from St. Declan’s have been. Let’s hope it will be a good report !!!

While Decky is usually very well behaved , he can be mischievous at times. Please keep an eye out for his tricks and pranks.
Lots of love from Santa Claus.





Decky has been around to visit some of the classes already. He will be keeping a very close eye on all the boys and girls over the next week or two.
He will even be keeping an eye on Mr Reidy, Mrs Collier and all the teachers.