Skipping Workshop

SKIPnROPE is an Irish owned company providing skipping workshops to schools in Ireland. The aim is to introduce children to the world of skipping. Skipping is a terrific form of exercise that helps a child’s agility, balance, hand-eye co-ordination and can increase speed through footwork. It teaches children about rhythm and when put into team routines, it provides them with team work skills and encourages them to have confidence in their sporting ability. It is a great way to exercise, maintain good health while having lots of fun. The workshop is going towards our Active School Flag Award which has be renewed next year.

Pupils will learn a host of footwork skills, beginner to intermediate skipping tricks, long rope games and partner skipping. They are challenged with new routines, tricks, along with developing teamwork skills like partner skipping, long rope and team games.

Once all the workshops have taken place, the pupils provide a demonstration of the skips learnt throughout the day. The demonstration is 30-40 minutes long; it gives the pupils the chance to see the skills other classes have learnt.


17-06-2019 Room 24 Ms Downes

17-06-2019 Room 6 Ms O’Donnell

Al children are encouraged o bring in their skipping ropes this yard as we will have skipping on yards during break times. Here at the children today from Yard 1A , Yard 3A and Yard 2 skipping.