Sixth Class Graduation 2015

It was a very special night in St. Declan’s tonight as all the families of the sixth class children gathered together to say farewell to all our pupils leaving St. Declan’s and heading off on a new journey in their lives.  Mr Reidy opened the ceremony with the following words. ” Childhood is often described as a short eternity, its years are few but its influence is forever. Its memories can last a lifetime. Moments can be remembered as hours, hours as weeks, weeks as years. Childhood experiences are etched in the mind for the rest of a persons life. We in St . Declan’s take great pride in looking after the children who are entrusted in our care. We remember that a year is little in a lifetime , but it is a lifetime in the life of a child. ” There are 68 children leaving St. Declan’s this year and of those 32 are families who have no more children coming to our school , so this will end their connection to our school. Mr Reidy spoke about the achievements, the happy times, the hard work, the friends that were made, working as a team and preparing for the world ahead .He commended the children on all their effort over the years at sporting activities, quizzes, sacraments, green schools, Corfheile na scoileanna, School tours, competitions, choir and concerts…..etc.  Well done to all the teachers along the way who have played a part in the education of these children, in particular Ms Coote, Ms Quinlan and Mr Farrell.


Attendance Award

Well done to Rodney Jones who missed a total of 16 days during his eight years in St. Declan’s. Rodney was presented with a prize from Mr Reidy.



Sports Person of the year Award

The sports person of the year award 2015 is Niamh Linanne. Well done Niamh !!


Pupil of the year award 2015

This award was first presented in 1995 by the Flannery family who sponsor  the award every year. Eileen Flannery was in attendance to present the award. There were ten nominees for the award. The teachers were looking for children who made a huge effort during their time in St. Declan’s, good citizenship, willingness to help others, attendance and punctuality and a good team player. The winner was Katie Carragher..Congratulations Katie.!!


The children were presented with a certificate and a  medal from their class teacher.


A slideshow of photos of the children in their different classes along the way took place next. We had a good giggle at some of the younger photos. The children finished off the ceremony with some songs. From all in St Declan’s we wish you all lots of luck and happiness on the road ahead. Ye have done us proud !!