Senior Infants on tour!

Last Thursday October 8th was ‘National Tree Day’ and we were lucky enough to get the chance to visit Balrath Wood! What an exciting day we had!  We all got on our first bus as a class and once we arrived we had a picnic, played in the play ground, saw Mrs Colliers house and even made a new friend, C.J! A lovely woman met us and brought us on a tour of the tree’s in the woods and we learned so much! We know how to spot the horse chestnut tree, the oak tree, the sycamore, the ash aaannnnd the Hazel tree. We even learned about a wild plant called ‘herb Robert’. We thought this was really funny because we have a little boy in our class called Robert 🙂 We really enjoyed our day learning in nature and some of us found some conkers 🙂

Senior Infants, Room 13

Ms Doran

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