Today is Safer Internet Day. It is promoted in Ireland by the PDST Technology in Education and Webwise. The Theme for Safer Internet Day is “Together for a Better Internet


The most important advice for parents is to talk with your child about what they are doing online, i.e. what is fun, what can go wrong and how they would cope with it. Just as in real life, talk to them about what is okay and not okay to do online. Encourage them to look after their friends. Don’t wait until there is a problem.

Advice for parents

Ask your children about what they see/do on the Internet.
Check privacy settings on all social networks, and periodically check for any changes. 
Monitor your child’s device and monitor usage. Also, this includes installed apps, browsing history, and text message recipients. 
Set up your own accounts on social media, and follow/friend your children. 
Review their friends and followers on social media.
Know your children’s passwords and usernames, and periodically check for any changes.
Don’t allow them to keep their computers or mobile devices in their rooms at night.


The Internet is an excellent educational and recreational resource for children. Encourage your child to make the most of it and explore the internet to its full potential.

For more advice look up www.webwise.ie